Lefkada’s Breath Taking Lighthouse (video)

Throughout its history, the Greek peninsula has been known for its hundreds, if not thousands, lighthouses.

One of them, Doukáto, located on the island of Lefkada, has its own unique history and definitely, its own, dazzling beauty.

Constructed at the southernmost extreme of the island, the lighthouse first operated in 1890 and warned passing sailors that land was now stretching ahead of them.

Originally powered with oil, it was not powered by electricity until 1986.

The location where the lighthouse of Doukáto lies, had provoked the imagination of the Ancient Greeks.

According to legend, Sappho, the Archaic Greek poet from the island of Lesbos, committed suicide there, by falling off the steep hills of the Cape Lefkatas, as her love with Phaon did not end the way she hoped to.

The place where the lighthouse now stands used to be a shrine that held a temple for Apollo, a god to whom the Greeks were attributing archery, dance, music, truth, prophecy, poetry, and many other qualities.

Nowadays, the lighthouse is a popular spot and one can visit it by car. Source: https://greece.greekreporter.com